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Snapshot of the fooaaaam )

Craft foam, I have it. For my Hahli Mahri cosplay it is. To Anime North in May I will go. Like Yoda I speak because fun it is.

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 So I have an iPhone 5 for Christmas. 


Incidentally, I'm posting from it. And, I am testing out the voice recognition software. It seems to work fairly well! :D
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It's snowing. Sparsely. SO BORING.


Also I saw the Hobbit last night but the 3D gave me a migraine so I went to bed early with a cold cloth for my head. Kili is hot.
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 I am seventeeeeeeeen todaaaaaaaaay~
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 yeah, sure, make that little god-tier-aradia post and then vanish off the map for a month

still alive, though

was in the hospital for a couple weeks at the beginning of this month but i'm good now

'cept for the part where prozac makes me yawn all the fucking time but whatevs

am good



Oct. 27th, 2012 01:09 pm
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I'm in love with Riese. (Justin. [Riese. {THAT GUY.}])

I think that's really all I need to say, right now.

Also I ain't going anywhere, life, SUCK IT UP >:D
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 so my ppc permission got accepted an hourish after i posted about it here

and then my life turned into a mess of fuck you and hell and brain-weasels and even though things are kind of okay they're also multiple kinds of rilly terrible

but i hope i can survive

 i will fucking survive

and live

well i'll get to the living eventually, order of the day is just making it to the next one

PPC stuff

Oct. 12th, 2012 04:06 am
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Posted my Permission Request. Nothing to do now but wait.
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...I apparently really enjoy giving my favorite characters psychological wounds that will never heal.

Babble babble PPC babble )
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So. Riese'n'I just finished another PPC mission. Hellsing badfic this time so I learned on the go. It was fun as shit.

Blah blah PPC-specific nonsense blah blah )


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